Light Relief

a woman and a youth grinning at the camera.

A Little Light Relief Prophetic Speech Life is Good Tenacious Tuesday Honesty Terrific Tuesday Tough Monday Moving On Going it Alone I’m a Professional Public Speaker. Finally Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  I write about life, my children, comedy and coping with early-onset Parkinson’s. You can also subscribe to my … Read more Light Relief

Life is Good

I’m supposed to plan these things but in actuality I just write them off the cuff. I discovered quite late in life that the thing I’ve always loved, the thing I was always good at school with, is the thing I should have been doing all along. That is of course, writing. I find writing … Read more Life is Good

I’m supposed to be posting a private video. For just those people who subscribe to my blog. But yesterday something terrible happened and I find myslef in a hospital, waiting in the intensive care unit desparately hoping for a good outcome. What will be will be. I will be back on Wednesday somehow as planned, … Read more

Tenacious Tuesday

kitty chivers holding a dumbell and a yoga mat looking sad.

Ah Tuesday. Terrific Tuesday. We meet again. Where the failures of Monday fall, and I still think I can get more done than I really can. I still need to work on that time-keeping. Yet I managed to get ‘Just Me’ launched, even if worldwide behemoth social media companies don’t appear to like me for … Read more Tenacious Tuesday

Terrific Tuesday

image of two babies and two small children sat on a sofa smiling.

Most people do Monday Motivation. I like to do things differently, therefore I’m claiming Terrific Tuesday. There’s a lot to be said for Tuesday. It’s not Monday, so there’s none of the stress around the start of the working week, but not Wednesday, where you think you’re almost at Thursday, which is as good as … Read more Terrific Tuesday

Going it Alone

blue skies with a small fluffy cloud and sunshine rays pouring in from the right.

I’ve put off writing about this for some time. It’s tricky. I have wanted to work it through in my head but I don’t want to upset anyone with what I say. I’m going to write about my recent decision to do something many people have thought is ridiculous, rash, stupid and completely crazy. You … Read more Going it Alone