Life is Good

Life is Good

I’m supposed to plan these things but in actuality I just write them off the cuff. I discovered quite late in life that the thing I’ve always loved, the thing I was always good at school with, is the thing I should have been doing all along. That is of course, writing.

I find writing cathartic. Which is good as there is lots to get off my chest. What timing for launching my new enterprise. I have a catchphrase from my comedy that goes “You couldn’t make it up. Well you could, but I didn’t.” Never has that been so pertinent.

I launched my new site (this one) and immediately Facebook decided it wanted to verify who I was. This meant all advertising ceased and I was no longer allowed to promote there. Not to be held back I persevered regardless and hung on, and continued to write. This has thankfully now been lifted, so a relief there.

Then my partner had a cardiac event that landed him in hospital for two weeks. I read that and it looks so innocent. Yet it’s been up there as one of the worst times of my life. Nothing quite focuses you on life quite like realising how close you were to losing it entirely. I watched first responders administer CPR for around thirty minutes. Two defibrillators were used, as one of them pronounced the prognosis as highly doubtful. Thankfully they persevered. They didn’t give up. And they re-established a heartbeat.

That image will be with me forever. It was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen. But how wonderful that they stuck it out. I will be forever in the debt of those amazing people.

So hug your loved ones and tell people that you care about that you care. And embrace every moment as life is so very precious.

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palmerston north hospital.
kitty smiling sideways at the camera in a brown hat with nz countryside in background.


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