image of two babies and two small children sat on a sofa smiling.

Terrific Tuesday

What Day is it?

Most people do Monday Motivation. I like to do things differently, therefore I’m claiming Terrific Tuesday. There’s a lot to be said for Tuesday. It’s not Monday, so there’s none of the stress around the start of the working week, but not Wednesday, where you think you’re almost at Thursday, which is as good as Friday. And everyone knows Friday is where it’s at, because it’s practically the weekend.



Speaking of Terrific Tuesday it’s now Wednesday. There’s a lesson somewhere there about discipline and sticking to your plans. Then again, children can be a great distraction. It’s strange how desperate we are for  our children to ‘just be a bit older’ because it will get easier. The wise parents of older children smile sagely and nod their heads. “It never gets easier,” they say. “Just different”.

As a parent of a four children under four years old (yes we were nuts) I couldn’t understand. Between trying to stop my twins from drowning themselves with exuberance in the local swimming pool, and pulling my excited toddler off ‘the big kid’ playground, I didn’t quite get it. What could be harder than this?

What Indeed

Ah yes. Teenagers. Full of angst, confusion and deep thinking. Questions such as “Have I wasted my childhood?” and “have I achieved anything in my life?” Greta Thunberg has a lot to answer for. You’re still a kid! I wail. Maybe not quite, but the very point of childhood is that you are supposed to enjoy it.

Blimey, you survived to your teen years. That’s an achievement in itself. We’re only a couple of generations away from the times when all children were not even expected to reach adulthood. Modern medicine has been a wonderful boon and has halted child mortality to the point where we can happily now expect all our children to reach adulthood.

image of two babies and two small children sat on a sofa smiling.

Oh so cute! Oh! Such hard work!

But how wonderful to have this time with my children. To talk to them, help shape our future generation. It’s wonderful to see the older ones come home from school having completed a workshop on gender stereotypes. I felt great as my son showed me his book and remarked “I thought it was all silly.” Lots of the boys had talked of ‘female’ colours and roles. Mr 13 told them his mother happily did all the DIY at home, whilst his father would most likely be confused if given a power tool for his birthday.

The weather here is windy and wild, but it’s still another day for us to enjoy on this amazing planet. Talk to your children. Yet set time aside for you. It’s so important to settle the mind and do something that just makes you happy. I should take my own advice and attempt to finish my post. 😉

It’s Wednesday. Wonderful Wednesday. Have a great day.

Until next time, Kitty.


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