Positive Feelings Only

I'm supposed to be posting a private video. For just those people who subscribe to my blog. But yesterday something terrible happened and I find myslef in a hospital, waiting in the intensive care unit desparately hoping for a good outcome.

What will be will be. I will be back on Wednesday somehow as planned, yet at this moment in time I feel as though I'm in some strange alternate reality.

It doesn't matter about the details. This situation, like so many others, shows us the reality, the hard, cruel reality of life. Things can be, are, ripped away in an instant, or forever changed. Hopefully in my case, there will be a much more positive outcome, and a full recovery will be made.

The ability to remain positive in the face of adversity is vital. I have no other choice.

Wish us luck. Please send me your most positive positives.

Until next time, Kitty.

Tired looking woman in a grey top.
kitty smiling sideways at the camera in a brown hat with nz countryside in background.


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